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Never in Life
will you meet
a rabbit
as hopeless
and weak
as a lion.
Something straight from the middle ages:
A guillotine.
An iron maiden.
A spanish tickler.
Pinching and cramping.
Until you beg for death’s release.

It laughs in your face
heading to scoop out
your eyes that no longer
can see the beauty reflected.

One wrong move and
One wrong cramp and
On wrong pull and
The alarm like a firecracker being lit off right next to my head.
My hand swings over and
shut up.
Opening my eyes, like dragging my feet through hot sand.
Dry and irritated making me want nothing more than
to close them tight again and never open.
Rolling over feels as if I’m breaking every bone that is trapped beneath my skin.
My arm gets crushed and
Pulling away the sheets is like tearing every inch of my skin off.
The air surrounding me hits the now open wound and
I’m frozen.
My feet touch the ground as forcefully as a toddler’s.
Like I’m learning how to walk again
I can do it.
Standing forces me to grind my teeth like a coyote.
Relying on myself is facing another to fight for food.
I walk to my bathroom as slowly as a car through rush hour traffic.
City. Country.
I have both in my blood.
Brushing my teeth like having molars pulled from my mouth while being interrogated.
I can’t do it.
Spiting is as pain-inducing as alcohol touching my lost molars.
I give up.
Water in the shower running down my body is like pebbles on the top of my head.
I can’t stop.
The soap against my skin feels like warm butter as it slides down my body.
Finally something can welcome me.
As I step out of the door the sun greats me like a fire consuming a forest.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
A love of art brought me here when I was young and I lost touch with myself and my art. After a semester in college and a good deal of self-discovery I am back. Art is my passion, it is my love, it is my life. I am currently enrolled as a Communications student with aspirations to do something artistic and meaningful once I graduate. Thank you to anyone who visits my page. Please, explore my transitions and growth with me.
Life gets in the way sometimes. There is simply nothing we can do to stop it. But, eventually life will settle back into place and you can carry on. Be you, do you, and love you. I am officially viewed as an adult and that scares me. Some days I'm lost while others I feel right in place.

Life is a little weird and confusing. One moment you're in high school. Next, you're graduating, saying goodbye to age-old friends. Tears are shed on the ride to your new life. It begins. Old love is lost and new love is found. Explorations happen and you find yourself. You get lost on the way but eventually you find your path again. You realize all these years you have been hiding pieces of yourself that have been itching to come out. Let them. Don't hold yourself back. No matter what others say--you do you. 

If you realize your path is a different direction than what others want you to take, don't you dare step off that path. Or, like Bilbo and his crew, you will need elves to save you (and we all know earth is lacking in the elf department). Keep on keeping on, or you'll be even more lost. Take those sharp turns. Take that rocky path. Go ahead and take the darker, scarier option. Your path is meant for you and only you to decide. You will reach forks in that road, but it's up to you to decide what to do. 

Here I am, at this awkward part of my life where I have to decide what I want to do, who I want to be, and where I want to go. I forgot how much art can help me do just that so I am coming back with a vengeance. I hope I actually start uploading often again, but even if I don't, I know that art is here for me when I need a way to weed through my thoughts and I will try to never forget that again.

Life is beautiful. 
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  • Reading: The 19th Wife

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